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IMB live: supporting act for Neil Taylor!

interstellar mötion blues is proud to open the night for neil taylor. may 22nd, 2019 live at the CHELSEA in vienna!

stop by for a fun night filled with interstellar chaos and the awesome neil taylor live in concert!

tickets are available that night at the chelsea box office or in advance on oeticket


new gig date

interstellar mötion blues performing at the phönixfest!
stop by, sept 1st 2018 at the phönixhof in forchtenstein.


new band member?

a mysterious new band member joined the interstellar mötion blues guys

it seems like a mysterious new band member joined the interstellar mötion blues guys.


new gig dates confirmed!
stay tuned, more info comming soon...


radio cariolina is on air! check it out, as always
in our imb radio section!


brandnew april17 webcast "short music service" arrived!
stay up to date, checkour imb radio section!


spontaneous? interstellar mötion blues is rocking at our sv sigleß friends! stop by for this unholy - although sporty - karfreitags happening!
more details? just hit gigs


our dear interstellar mötion blues band member lue released his podcast radio show: "Jahresrückblick 2016".
check it out, in our imb radio section


www.interstellarmotionblues.com is online!


we're interstellar mötion blues. always interested in interstellar music, mötion and some blues.
also we're contstantly looking for some gigs to play. if you got an idea, let us know and get in contact with us...


you can also find us on soundcloud.

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